Friday, April 13, 2018

3D Shapes

We had fun this week making 3D shapes with lollies! It was a great way to finish off our geometry learning for the term.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Procedure writing

We collaborated today ad wrote a more detailed procedure text, please note this is our first draft:
A guide to making new friends

You are at your new school, you do not know anybody, it is really hard for you, what you need are some friends.
Friends are important so you have someone to talk to, share experiences with and spend time together. Friends stay with you no matter what, through rough times and good. Making new friends shouldn’t be scary, it is a lot of fun! Here are some tips on how to make new friends.

Take the first step
You walk up to someone and introduce yourself, don’t wait for the other person to approach you. There’s no need to be shy, it’s not as scary as you think.  Be brave, confident and believe in yourself, because it always good to take the first step of friendship. If you don’t know anyone around you, just walk up to someone and introduce yourself, find out what you have in common, remember to be yourself.

Get yourself out there and don’t be afraid.
It is not as scary as you think, It doesn’t take much to make new friends and all the fear is in your head. One of the best ways to make friends is to get yourself out there, join a group or a club, it is most likely that there will be other people there that want to make friends to. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation then think, what’s the worst that could possibly happen? It is not like they are going to eat you alive.

Be yourself.
Always be yourself! Don’t change who you really are for someone your not. People want to know you for who you really are, not someone else. When you make your first impression be yourself, be confident and be genuinely interested of what they say. Simply be you!

Be nice, positive and cheerful.
When speaking to people, make sure not to be grouchy, angry or give off bad vibes. Make sure to be positive and be yourself. Be approachable and open to people make them want to be your friend, don’t give the impression your hard to make friends with.

Get to know the person.
Have a conversation. Ask them questions and listen to their answers to get to know them. Find out things you have in common and what you both like. Share information about you with them also. Be confident and talk about interesting topics that will engage them in conversation.For example talk about your interests, hobbies, where you live.

Make the effort to stay in touch:
if you friend moves/leaves , make the effort to stay in touch, don’t just let them slowly leak out of your mind and you forget them. Ring them up and sort something out like a playdate of a party. If your friend moves of to a different school, and you don’t know where they go, you could email them find out where they moved to and you could go for a play. Or you could both join a club so that you can stay together. Another way of keeping in touch is connecting through social media or text messaging.

Friends can be made anywhere at anytime provided you try. Make the most of any opportunity, make a connection with someone new and make an effort to build a friendship and stay in touch. It really pays off in the long run.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pick-a-path narrative stories.

We have had so much fun writing descriptively. 
We have learned how to link slides together and applied this new skill to create pick-a-path stories.
Have fun reading our crazy, spooky, imaginative and at times humourous stories!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sailing on Lake Brunner - Reported by: Bridget, Catrin, Tess, Mary and Lucy.

Sailing on Lake Brunner

On Thursday the 9th Ruma J went sailing with Volvo sailing… Have a go! Run by Yachting New Zealand at Lake Brunner’s own Yacht Club. We went sailing because  it was an opportunity to take advantage of our local environment. It was a great safe, and fun way to get out on the water! It was a great way to learn how to sail, with your friends to help you too.
Firstly we walked down to Lake Brunner Yacht Club to meet our instructor, Simon, who was friendly and easy going.  As we met him he gave us instructions as to how to construct a yacht. It was the first time most of us constructed a yacht. I think it was a great idea to learn this. Next we were assigned our wetsuits, life jacket and jackets. We all had fun squeezing into the tight, damp wet suits. Once we got on the water we sailed out a little, we found there wasn’t a lot of wind so we played a game. We split up into two teams with a ball. The game was basically just soccer on sailing boats. We think the game was fun and a good experience to become more confident in the boats and on the water! After the game the wind still hadn't picked up so Simon towed us back to the boat ramp with the safety boat. At this point of the day some of us left at the lunch break and some of us stayed for the whole day!
On the second half of the day the wind started to pick up, now the more confident students of Ruma J could sail quicker. After a while we got towed behind the boat and we travelled to a shallow part of the lake where we played another game. The aim of the game was to collect 10 balls and then, you would receive a water gun. Tess and Tylar won the water gun first. During the game, some of our water guns broke, so we used our bails. During the madness we all got soaking wet and a couple of us even fell out of the boat, or even capsized! Once the game died off, we sailed back to the lagoon and started to put away all of our boats and gear.  We were eager to jump in the hot showers!

Sailing was a fun learning experience for all of us, we had some good gusts of wind near the end of the day some so strong we found ourselves falling out of the boats - purposely, and accidentally! Even though the water was chilly we still laughed and had a great time.
There were not that many negatives about sailing. The one negative would be that there wasn’t that much wind. It was cold when you went in the water. The wetsuits were annoying to get into and really tight. We also found it sad that during the water fight not the all the water guns were working.
We all enjoyed this experience of sailing and we think other children should go sailing in the future. We would like to thank the teachers and staff for giving us this opportunity and also we would like to thank Volvo Sailing for taking us sailing!
Reported by: Bridget, Catrin, Tess, Mary and Lucy.



TranzAlpine Train Journey Reported by: Breagh, Theo, Emily and Jakob.

TranzAlpine Train Journey
On Wednesday the 1st of November Ruma J went to a special event. It was the TranzAlpine 30th anniversary celebration. Ruma J travelled on the train to Greymouth to take part in celebrating this marvellous achievement. Ruma J was privileged to get taken into town on the train courtesy of Kiwi Rail.
We left Lake Brunner School at 11.30 and drove down to the Moana Train Station. When the TranzAlpine arrived we boarded the train and sat down in our seats. Before the train began its journey, we sang happy birthday to TranzAlpine, Jannet, an employee of KiwiRail, then gave us all a slice of cake. We were then allowed to explore the train. Miss J took some of the class onto the viewing platform. The view gave us a new perspective of our home, a place we thought we knew. We ate our packed lunches on the train. When we arrived, there was a speech from Tony Kokshoorn, and a wonderful performance from a Kapa Haka group. After they performed, Ruma J sang Tutira Mai. Before we got back on the train, the media interviewed many guests, including past TranzAlpine staff and train drivers. Then the cake was cut and split among guests. More speeches were said then we were off. We boarded the train and went to our seats. Alan - an employee of KIwiRail - gave us all ice creams to eat on the journey back.
We all enjoyed this wonderful experience. The best part about the day was that everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was so special that the TranzAlpine invited us. Special thanks to Phillip Barnett for organizing this opportunity. We will all remember the train ride forever. Thank you for this opportunity, and letting us take part in the 30th Anniversary of the TranzAlpine.
Here's to another 30 years!
Reported by: Breagh, Theo, Emily and Jakob.