Monday, September 10, 2018

Safety on a Dairy Farm - classroom trip

As we arrived at the Pamu farm company the bitter tangy scent of cow dung erupted into our noses. We were led into the office after cleaning our gumboots so that the cows didn’t catch mycoplasma bovis which is a deadly cow disease. Our class was sat down at a long wooden table inside the office building. We then listened to a long talk about farm safety, lead by Cameron the business manager for Pamu. We learnt that it had changed over the years. We were then driven to the cowshed in the cars that we arrived in. We went for a tour of the cowshed and learnt about even more farm safety, such as all the safety precautions on the milking station and safety around the chemicals. We learnt that every cow had a tracker and when it went give provide milk it would show all the information about the cow on a big screen. Next we were shown to the cute little calfs. After that we left the moist air and farmy aroma and returned to school.

Written by: Zak, Tyler, Toby

At the farm we learnt about safety and how cows are milked. It was quite interesting. We also saw a chart of deaths. We were quite surprised to find that it was not vehicles that were the main cause of death, but cows. We expected it to be quad bikes. The milking machine was a large, strange contraption. It looked complicated. The milk aroma was clouding the air and making its way up our nostrils. We hadn’t realised how dangerous the machine was until we were told that someone nearly got killed in it. We took a stroll over to the cow shed and looked at the calves. Some of them were quite cute. We were forced to dip our gumboots into a bucket of cold, murky water to protect the cows from the infectious disease, mycoplasma bovis. It was an interesting trip. We hadn’t ever been on a PAMU farm before. It was a delightful experience for most of us.

Written by Logan, Sophie and Tui

As the damp soggy rain that was a miserable bone chilling rain that sent a shiver up our spines slowly descended down the windows. Cameron, the business manager of Weka dairy unit gave us a long informative lecture on safety. When the informative presentation ended we eventually made it to an interesting section of the Weka dairy unit. We traveled a small way toward the dairy farm called Blairs Dairy Unit where we would be learning about the safety protocols. We made it to the gigantic milk shed we were bursting with questions and we were informed about the surroundings. Like why there were chains around the hot water cylinders so that they don’t fall off the stands, and why there was a safety lever in the middle of the rotary milker. We were informed told that they installed safety levers in the sheds because this one guy was working on the pipes under the platform where the cows stand and someone turned it on when he was under. Luckily he was ok but that was a near miss. Cameron showed us the adorable fluffy calves. We had to put our boots in the foot bath so that a disease called mycoplasma bovis doesn’t spread to the calves and cows. Then we trekked back to school for the rest of the rainy day.

Choreographed By
Cameron, Jakob And Kahikatea

We fled from school at 9:15 am on a journey to Pamu. When we first arrived we had to dip our gumboots into soapy water. We had to dip our gumboots in the water to dispose of any diseases we had on them like rotavirus m bovis. We heard a big health and safety talk from Cameron Jakobs Dad, He is also the manager. The piece of safety that stood out the most was the five work rules : come to work in the right state of mind drug and alcohol free, use right equipment for the right job, use the right vehicle for the right job stop think then do it safely reporting safety hazards.. We were gifted chocolate and more delicious sweets, before we jumped back into our cars and drove to a different part of Pam.u. When we arrived at our new location we washed our boots in a bucket of soapy liquid. When that was all done we went into the shed, we strolled around the shed and learnt heaps of safety information like how the milking shed works and the safety things behind it like when a cow gets jammed the hole she will stop so that the worker can fix it.. When we were finished in the shed we walked outside and one of the workers came over in a side by side we, learnt about what safety for example there is a mesh door and a seatbelt and a flashing light on the top of the side by side. After we went over to the calf pens and dunked our feet in another bucket of soapy water. We walked down the front we only looked we didn't climb in or touch them. Overall this was an amazing experience.

By: Bridget, Mary & Eden

Our class, Ruma C went to the Blair’s farm, to learn about safety. At the farm we had cookies and candy then we had a twenty minute meeting. Then we got back into the cars and we then headed to the farm and it took another twenty minutes. We then started to get in the vehicles and got to the farm. We had a mini tour and then we learnt about the vehicle safety. We also got to see the adorable calves and they didn't really come to us but some did it was fun.

Names: Grace, Gabriel and Thomas

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hockey Tournament

In week two of this term the majority of our senior students took part in the Greymouth Hockey Tournament.  The year 7/8 students had success with winning their division and the year 5/6 come in second in theirs.  It was a great day by all. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

St John First Aid Training

Last week we had St John come and provide some great information and first aid training.  The students loved learning something new, or in most cases, relearning a skill that is needed to help each other and the wider community.





Monday, July 23, 2018

Paperclip Challenge

The Paperclip Challenge is something I came across some years ago.  It was an interesting concept. Today for the start of the third term I showed a TEDx Talk by Kyle McDonald. He started this project in 2005 and was able to work his way up to a house after 12 months. He said part of the adventure and experience in doing this challenge was meeting people. 

Lets see how the kids go.  They will be blogging their progress over the school year. If you are keen to be a trading partner, I know they would love to hear from you! 
Ruma C Teacher - Dean

Friday, April 13, 2018

3D Shapes

We had fun this week making 3D shapes with lollies! It was a great way to finish off our geometry learning for the term.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Procedure writing

We collaborated today ad wrote a more detailed procedure text, please note this is our first draft:
A guide to making new friends

You are at your new school, you do not know anybody, it is really hard for you, what you need are some friends.
Friends are important so you have someone to talk to, share experiences with and spend time together. Friends stay with you no matter what, through rough times and good. Making new friends shouldn’t be scary, it is a lot of fun! Here are some tips on how to make new friends.

Take the first step
You walk up to someone and introduce yourself, don’t wait for the other person to approach you. There’s no need to be shy, it’s not as scary as you think.  Be brave, confident and believe in yourself, because it always good to take the first step of friendship. If you don’t know anyone around you, just walk up to someone and introduce yourself, find out what you have in common, remember to be yourself.

Get yourself out there and don’t be afraid.
It is not as scary as you think, It doesn’t take much to make new friends and all the fear is in your head. One of the best ways to make friends is to get yourself out there, join a group or a club, it is most likely that there will be other people there that want to make friends to. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation then think, what’s the worst that could possibly happen? It is not like they are going to eat you alive.

Be yourself.
Always be yourself! Don’t change who you really are for someone your not. People want to know you for who you really are, not someone else. When you make your first impression be yourself, be confident and be genuinely interested of what they say. Simply be you!

Be nice, positive and cheerful.
When speaking to people, make sure not to be grouchy, angry or give off bad vibes. Make sure to be positive and be yourself. Be approachable and open to people make them want to be your friend, don’t give the impression your hard to make friends with.

Get to know the person.
Have a conversation. Ask them questions and listen to their answers to get to know them. Find out things you have in common and what you both like. Share information about you with them also. Be confident and talk about interesting topics that will engage them in conversation.For example talk about your interests, hobbies, where you live.

Make the effort to stay in touch:
if you friend moves/leaves , make the effort to stay in touch, don’t just let them slowly leak out of your mind and you forget them. Ring them up and sort something out like a playdate of a party. If your friend moves of to a different school, and you don’t know where they go, you could email them find out where they moved to and you could go for a play. Or you could both join a club so that you can stay together. Another way of keeping in touch is connecting through social media or text messaging.

Friends can be made anywhere at anytime provided you try. Make the most of any opportunity, make a connection with someone new and make an effort to build a friendship and stay in touch. It really pays off in the long run.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pick-a-path narrative stories.

We have had so much fun writing descriptively. 
We have learned how to link slides together and applied this new skill to create pick-a-path stories.
Have fun reading our crazy, spooky, imaginative and at times humourous stories!