Monday, April 4, 2016

Our day out at Paparoa Range School (Blackball site). Thanks for having us! By Theo, Hamish and Steven.


  1. Hey LB seniors, great video! Thanks for creating it as a record of the day. Stupeflix is a neat new tool to use for videos as you've demonstrated here. I didn't get to check if the Year 7's had good ideas for what to post on your own blogs when you set them up next term (so hopefully you did!). We'll look forward to checking out all the new, interesting things you learn and share with us : ) We'll hopefully be able to make a time to come out and see you guys later in the year.
    PS that guy in the second slide looks pretty excited doesn't he!

    1. Hi Miss J, it was a fun experience visiting your class because you had a different way of doing some things. Thank you for teaching us how to use Stupeflix. We are also looking forward to seeing you all again in the future, hope fully this term some time! Hope to see you all at cross-country next week! From Ruma J


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