Monday, March 6, 2017

Narrative Writing - Show, don't tell

BR A massive scale dragon blowed fire everywhere his enormous wings the force was powerful from the wings wind and the fire's heat his sharp teeth burning from the fire.
Thb The dragon eyes glowed red as he felt revenge and hatred flow, his anger filled his Hot fire as he took out on the village below.
RS, The fiery red, scaled best breathed flames out it’s mouth to challenge any creatures near to a fight. His teeth were like gigantic daggers and his beady red eyes searched. for prey.
Zk pointed thorns rose up from his thrashing tail to his strong scaly head full of fire, he had red scales all over his body like hot burning embers.thorny orange wings sprouted from his side, burning the air itself this destructive beast had blood of hatred.
HR The destructive Beast lurking in the shadows was ready to pounce on their prey. Charging up a ball of fire in his mouth to write off the hero who was going to save the day.
.NB: The beast expressed its rage as it released a jet of flame as hot as a raging inferno and bright as a thousand suns that glittered upon his ruby red scales as if he was lit from within like a lantern.
JW: The huge scaly beast tore through the town breathing it’s deadly ball of fire as hot as lava flying out of his mouth setting everything alight, with his massive feet squashing houses with every step.
CT-He had red eyes just like a chili's
He had spikes as spikey as thistles and scales as hard as rock.
MD: His huge wings carry him across the sky, as he ruins everything down below him.
PD- His large fire like eyes widened as he angrily flew over the small village below. His look chalanged any creature that dared to lurke near him.
T.M - His wild eyes were as red as a strawberry, glancing back and forth across the room...
BW. A raging beast with wings like razors breather a fiery breath hotter than  the sun.
Tb:The fierce  large creature flys throw the dark night sky with black grey smoke flows out of the beast deadly mouth.

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