Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WALT: solve problems like 97 - 39 =

WALT: solve problems like 97 - 39 =    by rounding up to nearest tidy number and using a number line as a tool. 
By Eden and Cameron


  1. Kia ora Eden and Cameron,
    Thanks for sharing your math strategies for rounding and compensating and workings out. You were both very clear with both your voice and your drawings. I did notice the first adding up in the top video that it wasn't quite right.. you may like to replay it and see if you can spot your mistake. It is great that others will be able to learn from your videos. Keep up the great work.

  2. Ki ora Cameron my name is Miria from Kawakawa primary I really like how your explaining what your going to write down it is way easy for me to get it just in a blink of an eye and when you did maths I was so surprised because I like maths it is one of my favorite subjects at school but when you did 567 cows in a paddock and you had to take away 128 to milk what you did was a time line when you did it you took away 130 so you + 2 on to make 130 then you said it makes 437 so then you went to go + 2 to make 440 isn't it 439 it is kind of confusing just wanted to know please reply I think you should work on making more space to squish in all the stuff you want to put in.keep the good work.bye


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