Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Response Writing creation

In class we are writing responses for writing.
Last term we wrote narrative stories and created books.
This term we have reviewed and responded to each others stories.
First we wrote our reviews in a scaffold template, next we wrote them in paragraphs. 
We thought of other ways we could present our review, some ideas include: recordings (news flash, interview), "book club" role play, and a fake text message conversation...see our example below:


  1. that was cool but what was the bit that went twice

  2. Hi Lake Brunner, Nice work on this text message conversation. I like that you took your time to make this. But maybe next time check the whole thing before you publish it.


  3. Hi I'm Joy from Wesley Intermdiate and I think that it's really cool for you to do that in a text message. I hope to do that at our school too!

  4. I really like this example of a 'fake' text message reviewing the book you read. I think text message is a great way to review the book as it makes you think it short and succinct sentences. Well done.

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